What is Happening?

What is happening here? What is happening there; Well, this question doesn’t matter now if I don’t know what’s happening here; actually, it’s the most important question one can ask: what is happening anywhere? This: this is happening: you reading these words; me writing these words. We’re one and the same, a cliché which meansContinue reading “What is Happening?”

Painful Poem

1. Physical suffering or discomfort caused by illness or injury; mental suffering or distress. Careful effort; great care or trouble.

Should, Blog

Today I woke up in subtle anguish, I have been for the past few… months? -Ever since I moved back to my parent’s condo. I wanted to write years (since June 15th, 2018, to be exact) however this pain is not suicidal depression. It’s a steady stream of anxiety. A civil war in my body,Continue reading “Should, Blog”