Lovely Day to Love

Good morning, it’s a lovely day to love, isn’t it? Actually, every day is a lovely day to love; however, this one, in particular, being that it is today and not yesterday or tomorrow, is the best day to love. Because the day is today, which hosts this moment, this moment is all we got;Continue reading “Lovely Day to Love”

This is a Post

Hello, this is a post, not just any ordinary post, but a specific post: a post to encourage postings of posts. Thank you. With love and sincerity, Jose Michael Rubio

Accidental Republish

Ah. I accidently republished these posts: Half | Quick Synopsis, Screenplay With Love and Sincerity II | Blog All this Time, in a Single Moment, Blog Crabs in a Bucket [Escape Under the Cover of Darkness], Photography The Alarm after the Last, Blog Applying Empathy and Imagination to Predict Stock Market Patterns, Blog/ Part 1Continue reading “Accidental Republish”